Bring your PRODUCTION SYSTEM to a highest level. InTOOLigent is the best integrated solution for your industry. It has the technology to MONITOR the behaviour of one machine. It includes a solid data MIGRATION strategy to your cloud. It is a DOCUMENTARY MANAGER that simplify the management of their digital content related with the project. Your DATA is secure and available everywhere and from all devices, 24x7.

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  • Choose the inTOOL that fit your ENTERPRISE needs
  • Choose the inTOOL that fit your CUSTOMER needs

  • Customize the documentary manager
  • Define the security level access to your docs
  • Access to your docs as if you were meters away from the mould

  • Monitor your production
  • Set conversion factor, calibration and full scale for each sensor
  • Define the predictive maintenance according with your requirements

  • Know where your moulds are (positioning by public IP)

  • MORE
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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is where flexible mass manufacturing meets mobility and the Internet of Things. The aim is to transform the way we produce things by improving individual identification of the product life, flexibility of factories and logistics, and productivity.

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