Why inTOOLigent?

· Based on industry standards: ROBUST, RELIABLE, PROOF, LOW COST

· Universal connectivity, vertical and transversal: OPC-UA, FULL CHAIN INTEGRATION

· Easy to implement everywhere: SCALABLE, CONFIGURABLE, CUSTOMIZABLE

· Worldclass, ultimate control methods: EXPERT SYSTEM, SELF-TUNING ALGORITHMS

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La vanguardia 2016

La inteligencia al servicio de los procesos industriales. Oct 2016.

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The Intern. Plastics and Rubber Event, September 30th – October 3rd.

Launch in K’2013

Meet ULTRASION in October, 16th - 23rd. Hall 16 Booth B13.

Article in 'Plásticos modernos' magazine

Sistema de control inteligente aplicado a la producción en serie de componentes plásticos en automoción. Oct 2013.

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Patent presentation

Last September, 30th, Number P201331429, Ref. 13-6589.

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Plug & play connectivity

A universal OPC-UA embedded protocol allows an easy connectivity either with enterprise level (ERP) and monitoring (MES) applications, as well as with most machine controllers (PLC).

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Application of the inTOOLigent system in a combined extrusion-injection cycle.

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Membership application extends the power of simulation to the shop floor.

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