The soul

InTOOLigent® is the "soul" of the production.

The model

The module inTOOL becomes a part of the tool during all its lifetime.
The tool maker can fill it with the relevant data: part specifications, part and tool drawings, preventive maintenance, bill of materials, validation tests, ....

Just plug-in the inTOOL module with a PC, and the data become accessible at different levels.
Furthermore, every time the tool moves back to the workshop, all maintenance tasks performed can be recorded in the log book, so, always the information is carried out inside the tool.

The setup

In setup and in factory, the inTOOL module connects to an OPC HUB, to gain access to practically every required management, shopfloor or field signals.

The setup phase can stablish the machine parameters and upload them into the inTOOL module.
Afterwards, this "setup sheet" can be transferred to the production machine.

The dates

Not just machine data: every relevant data for the process can be easily logged in.
And every cycle all these data will be recorded at normal and forced machine conditions to generate an expert model.

The expert model evaluates the production every cycle and decide the actions to perform in order to manufacture good parts.
The control algorithms acts in real time, thus preventing scrap.

Scalable provides value to the full supply chain.
Grants: remote safe access..

The inProcess

inTOOLigent®: control and traceability system for Production Tools.
Permanent data integrated inside the tool: part and tool drawings, Bill Of Materials, Preventive Maintenance schedule.
Capture specific data for every production cycle: temperatures, pressures, part validation.
During the learning phase, data build up a diagnostic model.
During runtime, the model leads closed loop actions, in real time.

Another point of view.